Monday, October 24, 2016

Arsenal of Recovery Products

Recovery Day 5:

And this is why I can’t go back to work yet…

+Q-Tips. A definite must have to clean and/or apply ointment.

+Hydrogen Peroxide. Must clean the stitches at least three times a day, or more, if you’re obsessive about it like I am.

+Saline Wash. Spraying this into my nose has become a routine. I do this at least 15 times per day. It’s kind of a cool feeling. At first, it was weird because it would drip into the back of my throat and come out my mouth, but once the swelling went down a bit, I was able to do it without holding my head back.

+Antibiotic. This is obvious. Need it to heal properly. 4x daily.

+Tylenol. Because sometimes the pressure and pain behind the nose is just a little more unbearable than necessary.

+Ointment. This is a definite necessity in order to keep the area moist. Without it, the peroxide dries everything out and leaves crust built up on and around the stitches.

+Nose guard/mustache. This is the gauze wrap that went under the nose to catch all the blood that was originally dripping. After the packing came out on Day 2, this mustache hasn’t been necessary.

+Flashlight. Because when the lighting in the bathroom isn’t good enough to allow you to see up inside your nose, you need a little help, whether it’s pretty or not.


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