Saturday, October 13, 2018

Out with the old…

This past week was a rough week for SS and I. When things go wrong, our relationship is really tested. Thankfully, we have enough love and respect for each other, to know where our limits are, and what buttons we can and cannot push.

Last Sunday, our washing machine broke. Right in the middle of a full load, it stopped and wouldn’t continue. When SS called about it, they said nobody could come until Tuesday. This made me super irritated, but there really was nothing I could do about it.

Tuesday came. SS took the morning off so that he could be home when they showed up. I think he secretely loved being able to sleep in and play video games while he waited. They came, fixed the machine, and back to work he went.

I came home from work and immediately started a load of laundry. Much to my dislike, the machine stopped working right after filling up with water. Grrr! Were they serious? Was this machine STILL broke? Now I was so mad, I was screaming at the machine. I knew that if I called them back to tell them the machine wasn’t fixed, I’d end up more aggrivated because I was going to have no problem telling them that their technician was an idiot and they were stupid for hiring him. So, SS called them. They promised to come back out the next day.

(Quick backstory - something on this machine breaks every few months. They have to come out and fix it a few times a year, so my frustration is from constant, reoccuring problems.)

Wednesday came. SS took the morning off AGAIN, lucky dude. They came and fixed it. It’s been working fine since, although it doesn’t spin the load before it’s done. I have to wring the clothes out before putting them in the dryer. I pick my battles with these people, so wringing out my own clothes is fine. At least the washer is working.

Keep in mind, all while this is happening, there’s that strange poop smell permeating the house that is also making me crazy.

Thursday when I came home from work, there was a large puddle in the middle of my kitchen floor. I didn’t think anything of it, at first, and just cleaned up the water. About 30 minutes later, I opened the freezer to see what I wanted to pull out for dinner, and EVERYTHING WAS THAWED!! I stuck my hand inside, and there was no cold air blowing. I opened the fridge and the light came on with no problem, but there was no cold air inside. I left it all closed, thinking that whatever coldness was left inside, would stay trapped until SS came home and could assess the situation. He immidiately knew the fridge had finally broke. It was about 30 years old, so actually surpised it lasted that long.

We grabbed everything from the freezer and took it over to SS’s folks house. At least we won’t lose all that stuff, then went to dinner to discuss what our next plan would be.

Option 1: Find a used fridge, rent a truck and dolly to haul it, find someone to help carry it upstairs into the house, THEN have to bring the old one down and dispose of it somewhere.

Option 2: Buy a new fridge, have them deliver it, carry it upstairs, and haul the old one away.

We talked it over, then slept on it. 24 hours later, we both knew the best option really was option 2. So, fridge shopping we went….

They deliver it on Sunday.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

Do you believe in ghosts?
I don’t. Never have, and likely won’t ever. But here’s the thing. Something strange happened in my house the other day, that carried into two additional days, and it has me a little freaked out.

Tuesday evening, I was going through the drawer in the kitchen that holds all the utensils that aren’t spoons/forks/knives. You know, the drawer that holds the potato peeler, the baster, the meat thermometer, etc. Anway, as I was searching through the drawer, I saw a few things that I never use. I only have them because they used to be my stepdads and I just figured some day I’ll use them. I closed the drawer and something strange was happening when I glanced over at the wooden spoon holder on the counter. It was spinning. SPINNING AROUND. Nobody else was in the kitchen, and the drawer that I closed doesn’t touch that. I can’t explain why it was spinning. SS on the other hand, is convinced that a ghost did it.

Immediately I blew off the idea, because I don’t believe in ghosts, but SS kept getting the chills, which apparently lets him know that one is near. I couldn’t explain what would have made this damn thing spin, and it bothered me for hours. It bothered me so much, that I was getting irritated by the thought of it. I just couldn’t shake this strange feeling.

Wednesday when I got home from work, my entire house smelled like poop. Impossible, I thought, since nobody had been home all day, and our cat is pretty comfortable with using the litter box. I walked around everywhere, putting my nose in places that I didn’t ever think I would, and STILL couldn’t find where the smell was coming from. It was as if it was far off in the distance, yet right there!

I became very obsessed with finding this smell. SS couldn’t be of any help because he doesn’t have a sense of smell, so I was flying solo on this mission. At one point, SS told me that it was just in my head. I eventually had to give up my search and just light candles hoping it would make whatever the smell was, dissipate.

Thursday morning, I woke up to that same damn smell. It was absolutely horrible. I walked all around my house, smelling every inch of everything, once again losing my mind. SS finally says to me, “It was that ghost from the other night. It left that scent behind because you didn’t believe.”

When he said those words to me, I knew IMMEDIATELY that it was my stepdad who made that utensil holder spin. It was him that made my house smell like poop. I just KNEW it! But I had no idea how to prove it, because afterall, I don’t believe in ghosts.

When I came home from work that evening, I had a conversation with that ghost. A deep conversation that probably should have happened long ago. I also made it clear that it was not acceptable to make my house smell like that for any reason whatsoever. I’m crossing my fingers, hoping, the smell is forever gone. I can’t take another round of that.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Kitchen Talk

I mentioned back in July, that I wanted to buy a small chopper so I didn’t need to chop stuff up by hand anymore. Well, a few weeks ago, I bought a 3-cup chopper that is AWESOME! I can’t believe we never had this before. Thanks for the idea, Cuz!

For over a year, I’ve been talking about replacing the current Crock Pot that we have. A friend of SS’s has a red one that I used once, and I fell in love with it. Since my favorite color is red, I took it as a sign.

So, these are the next three small kitchen appliances I plan to acquire…

+ FOUR QUART CROCK POT: I currently have a larger one that was given to me, but there’s a large crack in the pot insert, so it leaks into the bottom of the actual crock pot. It’s a terrible mess to clean up afterwards, so I’ve just opted to replace it.

+ SINGLE SERVE KEURIG: We currently have a black one that was given to us as a housewarming gift from my old boss. Since I will eventually replace ALL my small kitchen appliances, this is one that’s easy. SS will take our current one to work, which will give me an excuse to buy the red one. See! Easy.

+ TWO SLICE TOASTER: We do not have a regular toaster. When SS and I moved in together, we bought a toaster oven, which currently sits on the counter taking up way too much space. While I like and completely understand the use of a toaster oven, I just feel we don’t use it enough to keep out. I’m okay with putting it away and only bringing it out when needed, but let’s be honest, that’s only once a month or less. It’s much more often that we make toast. And since I’ll need to buy a toaster to replace the oven, it might as well be RED.

Since these will be sitting out on the counter, with the very likely possibility of being splattered with grease, I also have a couple quilted covers put aside. And yes, they’re red!

Can’t wait to share the new finds.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Wedding Talk

We are five months closer to the wedding than the last time we talked about it. Time is ticking away and I still don’t have all the decisions made.

I made a list of places I’d like to visit. Then I added places to it that SS would like to visit. After talking through all of them, we crossed off everything except…..


We want to go back to the beautiful island of Kauai. There was so much we didn’t get to do the first time we were there, so we are determined to see the rest. There are a BUNCH of hiking trails that the island is famous for, so in a weeks time, we should have no problem tackling those.

Since Sis and Squid decided they didn’t want to be a part of our wedding, we’ve had to make some major changes to the wedding party. Replacing my Maid of Honor was a simple choice, however, SS is having a harder time finding a replacement groomsmen.

More updates as they come….

Monday, October 1, 2018

The Roval

So, what did you think of that Roval race? Was it everything you’d expected? Or was it more boring than you thought?

I, myself, thought it was a great race. We saw a lot of old-school racing, instead of a bunch of cars just riding around and taking the flag.

I suppose the top story of the day is that Jimmie Johnson doesn’t make it to the next round in the Playoffs. He’s out. And the crazy thing is, he took himself out. If he had just followed behind Martin Truex Jr. like he had been, he would have finished 2nd place, and moved onto the next round. Instead, he wanted to race hard, and pass Truex for the win. However, in typical 2018 JJ style, he wrecked Truex, and himself, and ended both of their days. Thankfully, Truex moves onto the next round, while Johnson doesn’t. Idiot!

Look, I’m all about racing hard for the win. I mean, I’m a Kyle Busch fan. There’s never a time KB gets on the track and doesn’t race hard for the win. I love it. And I get it. But, JJ isn’t the kind of driver that Dale Earnhardt was. JJ isn’t the kind of driver that Kyle Busch is. Hell, he’s not even the kind of driver Martin Truex Jr is. He’s a has-been that needs to save himself and his reputation, from further embarrassment.

I’m happy to see Ryan Blaney take the first win at the Roval. He’s becoming a pretty good road course racer. Someone should tell the other 39 drivers to watch out.

KB is leading the points right now. #18n18