Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Dancing with the Stars - Season 27

I don’t know if I’m more disappointed in the public for turning this show into a popularity contest, or the producers for allowing it to happen.

Bobby Bones? Who the hell is that? I suppose that if you live in Nashville and listen to country radio, then you know who he is. If you don’t, then I promise, you’re not missing much. The guy is a fool.

My first impression of him when the show started, was that he was a joke. Were they really kidding with this idiot that couldn’t even stay standing during his very first dance? What a bafoon.

Week after week, it didn’t get better. The judges knew it, and the public knew it. I don’t know what kind of deal he made with his voting public, but it worked. One excellent dancer after another was eliminated, much to the dislike of every single person on the show, until the last four were standing.

Let’s be honest, there’s no way in this entire world, that Bobby outdanced any of the other top three.
No. Fucking. Way.
You know it. I know it. The judges know it. The producers know it. And Bobby Bones knows it.
He’s not even the same caliber dancer as the others.

For the producers to CUT OFF VOTING before the show even aired on the west coast, is bullshit. We couldn’t even vote! Apparently, the producers wanted the Nashville votes for Bobby, because they knew the overwhelming Hollywood votes for Milo, Evanna, or Alexis, would shame the rest. Such bullshit.

What’s the point of having professional judges, if the dancers are going to be judged off popularity?

I’ve been a faithful watcher all these seasons, but this season really pissed me off. The best dancer did not win. He can take those fake tears all the way to the grave, because it’s likely I’m done with this rigged show.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Graycie Roo

Graycie Roo

She’s the newest member of our family. An 0.8lb medium-haired gray tabby kitten, that is full of energy.

She fits right into our family. Perfectly.

Because she is so tiny, it’s often we find her in small, tight spaces. We can usually figure this out because Ebony will be standing near her, staring at the space wondering when she will come out. Or perhaps he’s wondering if he can get in there.

For the first few days, we kept them separate because Ebony was not at all happy about having another cat in the house. He would try to attack her and scare her. Thankfully, she didn’t know any better, because she had never seen another big cat before, so didn’t know she needed to be scared, and she would just walk away from him. Eventually he came around, and I’m proud to say, Ebony is tolerating her.

Ebony is constantly grooming her, and it’s more times than not, that they’re cuddled up together. My heart is so happy with these two. It’s full of love and kitty guts. Smile

And because I’ll probably get some questions about it, here’s how we came up with her name:

Well, first and foremost, she’s gray.
Secondly, she has these really long, solid white, back feet that look like rabbit feet. One day, she was kicking a ball with her back feet, and it made her look like a kangaroo. Remember baby Roo from Winnie the Pooh? Well, he’s little, she’s little. It just works.

Graycie Roo

Eight things I love right now


Lanco’s Born to Love You. There’s just something about this song that makes my heart smile. I feel like this might be the song. The song that wins our wedding. SS and I have discussed doing a dance number when we walk into our reception. A sort of ‘show’ that we would put on. Just something fun. I think I might have found the song. Maybe.


Mint Chocolate Chip. I’ve been devouring and enjoying this flavor for as long as I can remember. It’s always been my go-to favorite, and always will be. So much amazingness in every single bite.


When I first started buying bottles of oil for the diffuser that my aunt bought me, I tried several different scents. For the last few weeks, I have been addicted to smelling Black Cherry, and my kitchen is a much happier place.
The wax melter I bought about a year ago, has also had several different scents burn through it. Right now, Black Cherry is the scent that fills my living room.

             black cherry oil               black cherry wax


The first time I remember seeing Ryan Eggold was on The Blacklist. He played such an important part, but was ultimately killed off to make a huge point and create so much more drama for the remaining seasons. I’m so thrilled to see him back on TV. This show points out the flaws in the system. And the flaws in the morals of the public. And so much more. It makes me cry, and leaves me hoping that I can get that kind of care if ever needed. Watch it. It’s great!


“When looking back doesn’t interest you anymore, you’re doing something right.”
-Author Unknown


Since we are about to watch the Finale for the Dancing with the Stars AND Dancing with the Stars Juniors television shows, I’ve been playing this game. It’s addicting because it’s not super hard. It’s just time consuming. And if you get distracted and can’t finish a round, you lose the round. So, make sure you have time to pay attention to it. But it is fun and has had my attention lately.


Since this is the only podcast I listen to, I guess it makes the list again.
Todd and Julie Chrisley’s Chrisley Confessions. There’s a new episode every Wednesday. They talk about parenting, fighting, betrayal, sex, and so much more. It’s funny, it’s serious, and it’s entertaining. Right up my alley.


Most nights when I go upstairs to bed, I take a bag of chips with me. I typically eat them after I get out of the shower, just before I actually lay down to sleep. I know it’s probably the worst, but they’re so good.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

A Kitten is Born

I mentioned in my last post that a coworker of mine works closely with a local animal rescue, and she recently rescued these little kittens from a house with horrible conditions.She knows that I wanted to get Ebony a friend or sibling, so when she mentioned to me that she had three little kittens, I knew I had to see them.

Because they were only about three weeks old, and desperately needed to see a Vet, we knew it best that she keep them until they are old enough to legally be released, and of course, healthy enough.

I’m proud to say, SS has given in and this cute little grey & white kitten will be coming home with us in just a few weeks.


Monday, October 29, 2018

My Kitty

National Cat Day

I know, I know. They have a day for everything. I don’t usually buy into this stuff, except maybe Pizza day because SS loves it, but today, I thought it would be nice to celebrate my kitty. He will be getting a special treat for dinner tonight.

Ebony: The Alarm Clock

SS and I have a pretty steady routine about how we do things. It’s the same every day. Because of this, Ebony has apparently adapted his internal clock to this routine, and when we don’t do something at a specific time, he lets us know. Here’s what I mean…

Every night at 10pm, SS cleans the litter box and takes it out to the trash. He takes Ebony with him when he goes, so that Ebony can chase crickets in the hallway. This is Ebony’s outside/hunting time. If there’s a night when we are busy and not quite ready to do the litter at 10pm, the cat will stand by the front door and meow, loudly, until one of us get annoyed.

SS gets home from work between 6:30p and 6:45p. At this time, the cat is typically given his dinner. If SS has been home for ten mintues, and hasn’t fed the cat, he will absolutely let you know. He will stand in the middle of the living room, right in front of you, and meow. Loudly.

On and Saturday or Sunday morning, Ebony is literally in our face at the normal time SS’s alarm goes off. My alarm is set for a different time every day, so I guess SS’s is easier for him to understand. Either way, this cat IS our alarm clock.

Ebony: The Hunter

One of Ebony’s favorite things to do, is sit out on the ledge of the balcony, and look around at all the other animals and people that walk by. There’s a little girl that lives a few doors down, that loves to talk to him.
Sunday morning, SS and I are watching TV, when Ebony suddenly runs into the house with something in his mouth. I couldn’t tell what it was because the coffee table was blocking my view, but SS could see and jumped up yelling, “He’s got a BIRD in his mouth!” He was strutting around so proud of himself, until SS yelled. He instantly dropped the bird and cowered down as if he was scared. SS never yells like that, so he just didn’t know how to react.

SS grabbed the bird with a paper towel and took it outside. It was lifeless, just staring at him, with one leg dangling. There was no blood, but this bird was clearly not well. It wasn’t even moving.

Several mintues later, I went outside to see where SS went, and he was standing by the dumpster with a look of fear on his face. He knew he needed to put this bird out of its misery, but just couldn’t actually do the task. Let’s be real. SS is a sensitive soul.
I stood there, tears streaming down my face like a faucet, and told him to just put it down and let it die naturally. Maybe a bigger bird would come get it, and the food chain cycle would continue. I walked back into the house.

A few minutes later, he came back into the house with a smile. He said the bird flew away when he put it down. I couldn’t stop crying, so had a really hard time believing that it could have happened that way, but he swears up and down that the bird flew away. So, I have to believe him. And trust him.

I’m not mad at Ebony. He did nothing wrong. For him to be able to get that bird, the bird would have had to come down into the balcony. At that point, he thinks it’s just another cricket prey in his eyeline.

SS and I have talked about getting another cat. SS isn’t completely sold on the idea, which is why we are still in talks, but I would like Ebony to have a friend. A coworker fosters animals, and right now, she has a cute little grey & white kitten on which I’ve got my eye. The litter was rescued from horrible conditions, and she was one of the lucky ones to make it out safely. I’d like to give that little girl a loving home. And since a dog isn’t really the best option for someone that isn’t home all day, and doesn’t have a yard, I can’t give in to SS’s want of one. It’s just not realistic.

Until next time…