My Bucket List

Here's my list of Things To Do Before I Die.

The ones I've completed are crossed out. How many have you done?

   1. Call out at a NASCAR race, "Gentlemen! Start. Your. Engines!!"
   2. Go on a long epic train ride (like the trans-Siberian Express across Russia-Mongolia-Asia)
   3. Ride a camel
   4. Learn to dance (properly)
   5. Get married to the man of my dreams
   6. Become a Mother
   7. Learn to Ski
   8. Learn to Swim
   9. Learn to Surf
 10. Go white water Rafting
 11. Run a blog
 12. Go up in a hot air balloon
 13. See an F1 race
 14. Attend a really huge concert
 15. Grow a garden
 16. Write a book (anything.. maybe memoirs, maybe self-help. or kids book)
 17. Learn To drive
 18. Ride a roller coaster
 19. Climb the great Pyramid of Egypt
 20. Have sex at the turn of the new year
 21. Go on an African Safari
 22. Drink a Flaming Lamborghini
 23. Ride in a Lamborghini
 24. Climb a Mountain
 25. Raise a kitten into a cat
 26. Give Blood
 27. Get a tattoo
 28. To go, together, on Pirates of the Caribbean and It's A Small World rides at Disneyland with the  man I love.
 29. Invent my own cocktail
 30. Get extremely drunk
 31. Use a fire extinguisher
 32. Join The Mile High Club
 33. Shoot a rifle
 34. Spend a week sailing at sea
 35. Build a huge Snowman
 36. Get a degree
 37. Do nude shots
 38. Get Therapy
 39. Bury a time capsule (with instructions for my kids to open it when I die)
 40. Host a proper cocktail party
 41. Lose my virginity
 42. Drive a stock car
 43. Have sex in public
 44. Camp
 45. Research my family tree
 46. Get my fortune told
 47. Buy a house
 48. Take a helicopter ride
 49. Pet a baby lion/tiger
 50. Buy a strange man a drink at a club
 51.Watch the sun rise
 52. Finish a crossword puzzle without cheating
 53. Learn to sew
 54. Experience a One Night Stand
 55. Cry my heart out
 56. Go paint-balling
 57. Visit New York.
 58. Ride an elephant
 59. Kiss an elephant
 60. Go Fishing
 61. Tell someone I love them
 62. Gamble at a table in a casino (only played slots, afraid of the table)
 63. Go on a proper Road Trip
 64. Spend a whole day making love without leaving the house
 65. Sell stuff at a flea market/ garage sale
 66. Get a Personal Trainer
 67. Go on a game show
 68. Fall asleep under the stars
 69. Experience heart break
 70. Watch TV the whole day
 71. Laugh until it hurt
 72. Punch someone
 73. Run up some of the stairs in the Empire State Building
 74. Invent something
 75. Learn how to change a car tire
 76. Smile at a stranger
 77. Kayak through caves
 78. Write a love poem
 79. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
 80. See the Vatican
 81. Learn to pole dance
 82. Have ex-sex
 83. Cry in Public
 84. Win Something
 85. Swim with Dolphins
 86. Drive a go kart
 87. Go to Hollywood
 88. Color my hair pink
 89. Fly in a jet plane
 90. Have a million dollars in my bank account
 91. Have a HUGE walk-in closet
 92. Teach my children how to read
 93. Make my children smile
 94. Walk on a catwalk
 95. Be on a magazine cover
 96. Hunt
 97. Go on a luxury cruise
 98. Experience weightlessness
 99. Save a Life
100. Love.
101. Visit all 24 of the NASCAR Cup tracks (3 of 24)

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