Tuesday, October 25, 2016

One Peaceful Moment

Whites Cyn & Soledad Cyn intersection

Getting out of the house when you’re forced to be there, is like a kid trying to sneak out at night.

I had to escape the confines of the house, so I grabbed my keys, stopped at the local KFC, and headed up to a park that overlooks my city. I sat, enjoyed the quiet and the view as I munched on fried chicken and coleslaw. I thought about how relaxed and rested I felt not having to worry about work. I felt happy and at peace and that made me cry tears of joy because this is what I wanted all along.

I do not look forward to going back to work, where the stress and the frustration all come back, but I know there’s not a chance in hell that’ll happen. So, in a few days, all the happiness and peacefulness will escape my body and I’ll be back to dealing with production companies and their ever growing demands.



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