About Me

I’m a Mom
I drive my car like I’m trying to win a race
I watch too much television
I yell at stupid drivers
I know how to cook, but don’t enjoy doing it
I like wrenching on cars
I watch NASCAR like some people watch the news
I have a sexual oral fixation
Sometimes I allow music to control my mood
I would rather drink chocolate milk, than regular milk
I would rather watch college football than professional
I daydream. A lot
I don’t like wet hair against my bare skin
My favorite color is red
Surprises don’t scare me
Mexican and Seafood are tied on my list of favorite foods
I drink beer
I always want to be on vacation
Vanilla is one of my favorite scents
I take pictures of everything
Yellow M&M’s
I prefer PC over Mac
I text more than I should
I tend to have conversations with animals
Hoodie junkie
Spell Check is one of my best friends

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