Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mr. Ramen Noodle Poodle Pants on NCIS:LA

Did you watch? Did you watch? What did you think?

Mr. Ramen Noodle Poodle Pants was on NCIS:LA last night. 

I shamelessly cried. Tears of pride were running down my face. Sis called me a nerd. Jeffy just giggled and gave me that "I understand" look. 

I was so proud of my favorite Noodle. He went up against a regular show/agility dog, (that does it for a LIVING) and was waaaaaay better. Shot straight out of a canon. He was amazing.

Here are a few pictures from set.....

Ramen & Deeks

Ramen relaxing between scenes.


  1. Loved that episode, I love my poodle!! SO it was nice to see someone else love of his or her life on a tv show i enjoy watching. I also like how they wrote Noodle's co star to falling in love with him at the end of the episode. :D

  2. What's he reading? Outside magazine?? Lol

  3. I just saw it tonight - very impressive! Agility is showing up in the strangest places, and I'm soooo glad to see they used a poodle! Well done.

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