Monday, March 12, 2012

NASCAR in Las Vegas

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the NASCAR race this weekend in Las Vegas, thanks to a fabulous coworker of Sis’s. It was the most incredible day, and I will owe her BIG TIME!

I invited JK to go with me since he idolizes Kyle just as much as I do. When he called me back to confirm he’d be able to go, he said, “I already booked us a hotel and reserved a rental car to drive out there.” To say he was as excited as I was, would be a total understatement.


Hanging out in the Hospitality Tent waiting for the Interstate Battery team to come out, so figured I’d snap a few pictures elsewhere.


An 8am Coors Light was definitely on the agenda. Plus, the can koozie seemed a little lonely without something in it.


We listened to J.D. Gibbs chat about the future of Joe Gibbs Racing.


And then he signed my jacket.


Trevor Bayne and Michael McDowell got up and shared some funny stories about their time in NASCAR. These guys seem like they’d be fun to drink with. ;-)


And then…the man of the hour.


I ♥ this guy soooo much!


And when he was signing my jacket, I couldn’t help but stare at him. No words could come out of my mouth except, “Can I shake your hand?” And he did. With no problem. Just look at that smile. I’ll never ever ever forget what was said to him at that very moment by JK, that caused him to look at me that way. I truly love this guy!


Yep. I was standing right there. :-)


A few of the tire changers were there, so they signed my jacket as well.


They served us a big lunch. Food was good. This cool little table made out of jack stands was so cute. Love it. Will definitely have to remember that décor! It’ll go good with the coffee table made out of an engine block. ;-)


After a disappointing 23rd place finish, we headed home. A long drive back to LA.


First, we saw this guy. I guess when you’re sitting in traffic that is STOPPED, there’s no place else to go. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. I guess.  :-/


Then we ran into this. The 15 freeway was shut down in both directions. Apparently, there was an accident that resulted in a fatality, but that hasn’t been confirmed. It was the first time I got to get out of my car on the freeway and walk around. We never did find anyone that had a bbq grill with them, but we chatted with some fun folks.

It was, by far, my most favorite NASCAR experience. It was even better than the time I got to ride around California Speedway in Scott Riggs’ car. (Watching that video is pure comedy. Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to upload it to YouTube.) Haha.


  1. WOW, You really had a great trip. Glad you got to meet Kyle.

  2. Sounds like a great trip...just one more person I get to be jealous of!

    Great story, amazin pics!

  3. I'm hoping I can attend the race here in California next weekend.

    *fingers crossed*