Friday, October 14, 2011

Thank goodness for Friday’s

Hi y’all.

I have been looking forward to Friday, all week. It was a bit of a rough week emotionally, so I’m thrilled to be done with it.

RM#1 is away all weekend. Saturday is her birthday, so she’s out partying it up camping with friends for the weekend. That means, I get to doggiesit. Yippee. :-/

While at work today, my favorite dog in the whole wide world came to visit me. I heart him sooo much!

There’s something extra creepy, to me, about being home alone and waiting for the pizza guy. I am overcome with anxiety. It’s as if I’m afraid of something. So glad he was nice. :-)

When our trainers returned from shooting more Travelers Insurance commercials, they brought this back…

A friend of mine is in New York this weekend. Although I’m terrified about spending any time in NY, I am very curious about it. I’ve heard so many horrible stories about it, and feel it’s best that I just stay away from the bad. Then I think about where I live. Los Angeles. Well, I live just a bit north of LA, but it’s still LA nonetheless. Maybe one day I’ll break free from the fear I have, and visit. Until then, I’ll just keep looking at the pictures my friend sends me from there…

We bought a new van for the ranch. Well, it’s a year old, but it’s new to us. It’s nice to know our movie star dogs/cats/ducks/squirrels/birds are traveling in style. :-)

That’s enough from me.

Happy Friday Night!

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