Saturday, October 15, 2011


I love Saturdays.

Sleeping in later than the time I get up during the week, is awesome. I wish I could do it. No matter what, I’m awake before 8am. What’s up with that? I laid in bed this morning, tossing and turning, trying to comfortably place my head so that my neck didn’t hurt. I turned on the television, since it usually is something that relaxes me and helps me fall asleep, but all I did was stare at SpongeBob and wonder How in the hell did this stupid sponge become so popular?

I had a movie date with my son today. (I definitely will be reviewing that movie. Stay tuned…) And because I’m such a fabulously fantastic person, I invited his dad. Yes, The X and I sat in the same movie theater, together. And you know what? WE DIDN’T FIGHT! We didn’t even say mean things. He even helped me with a car issue I’m having.

I officially harbor no ill will or hate towards The X.

I think I have felt this way for a while, and in fact might have given that impression to JK at one point, but never actually had the opportunity, or even the need to say it. But today, I’m saying it.

I remember the day I burned this bridge. It was horrible. I then tried to cross it a couple of years later, only to find myself face down when the bridge ended. I worked hard to rebuild it, so naturally I’m thrilled to be able to cross the bridge without falling off the edge. I built it strong, and I will not let anyone or anything tear it down. No earthquake can make this bridge tumble.

Saturday. I love Saturdays. :-)

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