Sunday, October 16, 2011


If I ever get an opportunity to meet Alex Trebek, I will ask him if he knows all the answers to the questions he’s reading on Jeopardy!, or does he learn from the questions, too. I guess I just want to know if he’s as smart as Ben Stein. That’s all. Just nosey.

If I ever get an opportunity to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, I will ask him if he enjoyed doing Action movies better than Comedy, or vice versa. Just because he did more Action movies, doesn’t necessarily mean he likes doing them better, so I’m curious. Which is his favorite? And I wouldn’t allow him to say both. Not an option.

The NASCAR boys raced Saturday night instead of Sunday this week. I’m okay with that. It makes my Sunday a little less exciting, but whatever. S’okay with me. Kyle Busch started last and finished 2nd. I’m okay with that, too. And what I’m even more okay with, is that he’s 4th in the points. Oh, and you know what’s even BETTER than all that? Jimmie Johnson hit the wall during the race. Hard! And in all honesty, I jumped up and cheered. The dogs were barking because of the excitement I was letting out, and I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m crazy. Statistically, the next five races are at tracks where Kyle doesn’t do well. It’s going to be a rough next five weeks for him, but I’ll be right here to cheer him on.

I heard today that the new show Charlie’s Angels has been cancelled after only four episodes. Awesome. Simply put, People. You just can’t remake a classic. Now please leave Dirty Dancing and Top Gun alone!

I can’t stop watching NCIS. I’m addicted. When I come home in the evenings, I turn on the TV and watch several episodes in a row. Saturday night, and that’s exactly what I was doing. Watching episode after episode of NCIS. And it doesn’t matter if I’ve seen it before. I’ll still watch. My name is Val and I’m addicted to NCIS. We have a couple of German Shepherds in an upcoming NEW episode, but those are on Tuesday night’s, so I’ll just keep waiting.

I received a few more pictures from my friend that is visiting New York. One was of the Hudson River, but it was at night so it wasn’t a very good picture. You can see the skyscrapers in the background lit up, but I’m sure it doesn’t do the actual river justice. Another photo was of this…

Have you seen this Camera Ball? It’s pretty cool, and I can only imagine it’ll do amazing things if used in sports. Can’t wait!

Funniest thing I read today was , “I read online that experts estimate the number of calories burned in an orgasm (not the full act of sex itself) is 60-100 calories! Excuse me, I have to um, go do something.”

I watched the movie 27 Dresses, and I have one question. How does a woman go through the wedding ceremony without crying? I cried during my first wedding, and will most likely cry through my next. I’d like to have wedding photos that didn’t show the mascara running down my face. :-/

I’m very very sad to hear about the passing of Dan Wheldon. I didn’t know much about the man until he won the Indianapolis 500 this year, but it’s hard to believe he’s actually dead. A fiery crash on lap 12 sent his car through the air and into pieces. Unsurvivable injuries. Every time I read an article about it, or hear the news anchors talk about it, or read someone’s mention of him in their Facebook status, I shed a tear. My heart actually sinks and with a heavy breath, I wipe the tear away. It’s just so very sad. :-(

Happy Sunday evening y’all. I hope you have a fabulous Monday!

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  1. My daughter was in Times Square last week.

    That was a horrible Crash. Surprised more wernt injured badly.

    Got A feeling Gordo is out of contention for the title. Maybe Jimmy as well.

    Be careful around Arnold you might end up with a kid or at least burn 60-100 calories.