Monday, November 19, 2018

Graycie Roo

Graycie Roo

She’s the newest member of our family. An 0.8lb medium-haired gray tabby kitten, that is full of energy.

She fits right into our family. Perfectly.

Because she is so tiny, it’s often we find her in small, tight spaces. We can usually figure this out because Ebony will be standing near her, staring at the space wondering when she will come out. Or perhaps he’s wondering if he can get in there.

For the first few days, we kept them separate because Ebony was not at all happy about having another cat in the house. He would try to attack her and scare her. Thankfully, she didn’t know any better, because she had never seen another big cat before, so didn’t know she needed to be scared, and she would just walk away from him. Eventually he came around, and I’m proud to say, Ebony is tolerating her.

Ebony is constantly grooming her, and it’s more times than not, that they’re cuddled up together. My heart is so happy with these two. It’s full of love and kitty guts. Smile

And because I’ll probably get some questions about it, here’s how we came up with her name:

Well, first and foremost, she’s gray.
Secondly, she has these really long, solid white, back feet that look like rabbit feet. One day, she was kicking a ball with her back feet, and it made her look like a kangaroo. Remember baby Roo from Winnie the Pooh? Well, he’s little, she’s little. It just works.

Graycie Roo

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