Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I’ve started this post so many times that I’ve lost count, and ultimately decided to delete every word because, really, who reads this? Then I remembered that I started blogging so that I could get my feelings out, and that was it, not because I needed to keep a certain number of followers, or impress a certain group of people.
Writing in a notebook would frustrate me because I’d start to doodle and then forget what I was trying to say. And by the end of the entry, my writing was so bad, it was difficult to read. Now, those notebooks sit in my closet packed away in a box. I’ve looked at them one or two times over the last 10 years, but haven’t sat down to actually read them in much longer.

There’s so much I want to write about, but just can’t seem to get my fingers to do it. From changing jobs, to my kid moving out of state, to the NASCAR Championship, to another year of Thanksgiving/Christmas wishes. I just don’t know where to start.

Stick around. I guess we’ll both be shocked about what I write next.

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