Monday, July 31, 2017

That time I went to school drunk

When I was growing up, being grounded was the most horrible thing my parents could do to me. Wait! I take that back. It’s the second worst thing my Mom and Stepdad could have done to me. Sending me to my Dad’s every other weekend was the worst. But I’ve told that story before. ;)

I remember this one time, at band camp, I went to school drunk. It was a Monday morning of my 10th grade year, and I just wanted to know if school would be more interesting or exciting or anything different, if I was drunk. I drank Seagrams and 7up while I was getting ready, and then drank it on the way to school. Finished it just as I was getting there, in time for first period.

First period is a complete blur. I don’t remember anything about that class. Have no idea how I made it to second period, but I did. And that is where I got caught. My English teacher wasn’t real keen on students not paying attention, and when I couldn’t stop giggling and talking real loud, someone ratted on me. To the office I went. They called my Mom to come pick me up, then told me I was going to be suspended for a whole week. I was really excited about having a week off school, but not real thrilled about the punishment that would come down from my parents.

Let me tell you something, when my parents said I was grounded for four weeks, let me guarantee you, I was grounded for four weeks. No television, no phone, no hanging out with friends after school or on the weekends. I saw nobody and talked to nobody. I was literally only allowed to go to school, nowhere else. At all. For four whole weeks. And to add to that punishment, I missed two huge tests in two different classes, which caused me to end up failing both classes and having to retake them in Summer School. Not my proudest moment.

As I watch my son make mistakes trying to figure out who he is and what he wants to do with his life, I’m reminded about the troubles I went through. RJ hasn’t lived with me since he was five years old, so I didn’t have to ground him for anything as he was growing up. However, I have friends/coworkers/other family members that I see try to discipline their children, only to ‘give in’ and allow them to get a reprieve on their punishment. I just shake my head in disappointment.

This is where our world has gone. Parents today would rather be their child’s friend than their parent. Nobody wants to punish children and teach them right from wrong anymore. They just want to be friends and let them do whatever they want to do.

And people wonder why Millenials are such a problem.
Ding, ding!

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