Saturday, March 14, 2015

She lived to be 94!

Because I’ve been so super busy and not able to come up with anything to post, my Sis did a post for me.

This last Monday, I got a call that Grandma was in the hospital. They were trying to keep fluid out of her lungs. Because I work in the medical field, I knew this was it. I thought about it all day at work.
Tuesday, I got the call. I was on my lunch break. Walking to Subway, starving, I heard my cousin say, "she's gone."  I lost my appetite immediately, turned around, and went home.

I knew this was coming, but it still breaks my heart. Thanksgiving was the last time I saw her. I made sure to see her because Grandma was 94! This woman had seen and done it all!

The last couple days I've been walking around in a haze. Today I feel very blah. Thought I'd open up the computer and start typing...

Last night I had a dream
That you were by my side
You held my hand so tight
You said you’d be my guide
You told me to be strong
That things will all work out
You always had faith in me
And never any doubt
You said your love is in us all
That love will never die
If ever I’m feeling lost
Don’t be afraid to cry
You said you had to go now
You’ve shown us all you could
I will always remember you
Laughing, smiling and feeling good

There were so many times, as a kid, I can remember leaving Grandma's house and wondering if I'd ever see her again... and then the following summer, we were at her house! Grandma loved to put puzzles together. I can remember a time she was putting a puzzle together and we were watching TV. A commercial came on, that we had seen a thousand times, and Grandma breaks out into song, "We're fruit of the
." My sister and cousins and I started cracking up hearing grandma sing along in her cracky voice. Grandma never minded us. She loved all her grandkids. No matter the type of games we played in her house, she just loved having us around.

The oldest of 14, eight surviving kids of her own... Grandma had a very
busy life. And yet still, family was the center of it all.


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