Monday, September 22, 2014

Catching up…


1.  Summer. It’s officially over tomorrow, and I didn’t once go camping. I’m disappointed about that. So, in a mad dash to rectify that, Sis, RJ, and I jumped into the car and drove around looking at several different camp sites within a 50 mile radius. We found a few places that seemed promising, but most of the places we were actually interested in, were shut down or closed due to extremely high fire danger. Apparently, they don’t trust people in the outdoors with campfires during a drought.

2. Vegas. Since camping was a bust, we decided a different weekend getaway would suffice. One of my favorite cousin’s is getting married in Las Vegas. So, a Vegas trip is in our future. Our very near future. Like, this weekend future. It’ll be the first time SS and I have been there together, and it’ll be the first time I’ve ever gone with my Sis. I’m anxious. Can’t wait. The last time I was in Vegas, I hung out with this guy….

3. Food. A few months ago, I received a waffle iron as a gift. Since I’ve never even used a regular one, I was a little apprehensive about using a different type. But, they tasted like waffles and everyone ate them, so it didn’t matter. Score!

4. TV. Regularly scheduled television is back, y’all! This week is the beginning of Premier Week, and I’m so happy! Like, doing the Happy Dance kind of happy.





Hope everyone has a fabulous week……



  1. Love waffles!! Havent been camping in yearsssss.
    Went to Joe Gibbs Racing today. They were hosting a 3-D Printing seminar. We got a tour and a free meal. Saw some of Rowdy's cars being prepared.
    And I won the grand prize. They had a drawing and I won a Joe Gibbs autogragh football.

    1. That is SOOOOOOO awesome!
      Was it open to the public? Or did you have to know someone?

      That's the fun kind of stuff I miss while living over here on the West Coast. :(

    2. The local company that sells the 3D printers organized it. You coulda gone. All you needed was to register. Oh and fly in. An engineer and myself just walked over. Could not take pictures downstairs, only upstairs where they have each drivers car and their trophies.