Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Simple Woman’s Daybook

I've watched Paula at Smidgens, Bits, and Snippets do this for a while now. On the first of every month, you'll now see ME do this. 

Play along. Follow along. 

Outside my window… there is complete silence. Either all the people around here work, or they just stay indoors. Two days in a row now, there has been complete silence during the day. So quiet, that I fell asleep mid day yesterday. *wink*
I am thinking... about how sexy Penny (on Big Bang Theory) looks in a tank top.
I am thankful... that SS is being tolerant of me being off work this week.
In the kitchen... I make fabulous meals.
I am wearing... a sweater, because it’s cold in my house and I refuse to turn the heater on.
I am creating... a home. Ever since SS and I moved in together, I’ve done almost everything in my power, to create a home we are not only comfortable in, but don’t want to leave. I think I’ve succeeded.
I am going... to need to get some whimsical ducks for the bottom of my shower. It’s slippery.
I am wondering... how SS will react when he hears my bank account balance.
I am reading... nothing right now. Perhaps I should go through my bookshelf.
I am hoping... the steaks are thawed before SS comes home from work.
I am learning... Spanish! Yep, you heard me right. Sis is taking a Spanish class for her next degree, so while in Oregon, I helped her study her flash cards. Since my Spanish is limited to being able to order up to ten beers in a bar, I decided to download the Spanish version of Rosetta Stone. Between that and my Spanish-speaking boyfriend, I should be able to understand the gardeners at The Ranch before too long. And maybe order a Margarita?
Around the house... there is a clock in every room. SS rolls his eyes every time I ask him to hang a clock. I wish he’d just accept my addiction and hang it.
I am pondering... what color curtains should be in our living room. Two windows need to be dressed, and I’m out of money and ideas. I need a miracle!
A favorite quote for today...Talk is cheap. Overspending is not.
One of my favorite things... waking up with a sense of security.
A few plans for the rest of the week: maybe clean out another box or two? or paint my new gnomes? or hang a few more things on the wall in the guest bedroom?

Hope you guys follow along…

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