Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Letters:

I’ve been watching Paula do this for a while, and figured I would make it a weekly thing just like she does. Hope I can keep up. I’ve written letters to people a few times on here, so why not make it more regular. I have fun doing it.  :-)

So, let’s write some letters….

Dear Sis : You’re amazing. Thank you for being my Oregon traveling partner. With the exception of SS, there’s nobody with whom I’d rather take that trip. Regardless of our reasoning for doing it.

Dear Garbage Truck Driver Person : Thank you for emptying our trash cans twice a week. I do not like seeing them overflowing with trash. (Some people are just so gross.)

Dear Boss#1, Boss#2, and Coworkers : I’m really sorry I haven’t been around the last few weeks. Losing my stepdad has been a really difficult thing to deal with. Especially since everything seemed to be going so well.

Dear SS : I’m sorry you slipped down the stairs while we were in a tickle war. That carpet is real slippery, I know. And I’m sorry for dropping the glass of tea. I’m glad you’re not mad. The stain is punishment enough.

Dear NCIS : I’m really liking the addition of Bishop to the cast. She has great chemistry with the rest of the group. And I can tell Gibbs really likes her as part of the team as well. Lovin’ it!

Dear Mom : I’m sorry. I’m just real sorry.

Dear Spanish Rosetta Stone : I’m scared to open you. All my life, including the full year of high school I was required to take it, I have refused to learn the language. Any language, to be honest. Suddenly, I have a desire to learn it. I guess this is just part of growing up and realizing I can’t keep pushing everything and everyone away. Cerveza, ¿alguien?

Dear RJ : I’m happy you are starting to come around more often. It makes me smile. And to prove how happy I am about it, I have a big surprise planned for Saturday. Can’t wait!  ;-)

Dear Stepdad : You died. I still can’t believe it’s true. It feels like a bad dream I haven’t awaken from.  The more information that comes out, the less angry I am. Which is good, because I don’t want to be mad at you. It’s nice to know this wasn’t your fault. Cancer is a bitch and was just too much for your body to handle. You’re not the only one that’s lost the fight to Cancer. I keep telling myself that in hopes that it’ll make me feel better. But I don’t.

Fuck Cancer!

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