Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Every week, I read along as several of the bloggers I follow, play this game. Today, I decided I would play along. There’s a few “rules” you’re supposed to follow, but I’ve never really been one to follow those kinds of rules, so I’m just going to write.

1.) When was the last time you were able to “unplug” or get away from technology for any length of time?

Hmmm. Summer of ‘12, when I was camping at Calico Ghost Town. No service there, so my phone spent most of its time in the camper. #WorthIt

2.) Which do you enjoy more: being indoors or out?

If it’s cold outside, definitely indoors. If the temps are 75*+, outdoors.

3.) Do you tend to prefer daylight or nighttime?

Depends on what I’m doing. If I’m driving, daylight. If I’m watching a scary movie, nighttime.

4.) Are you emotionally affected by rain/snow/inclement weather?

I never really used to think I was, but I am. Rain makes me feel gloomy. Wind makes me a little cranky. Snow…well, it makes me happy.

5.) If you could make it stay one season forever, would you? And if so, which one would you choose?

Summer. Summer is by far my favorite month. I love the heat. I love the sun. I love the skimpy clothes I can wear. Yes. Definitely Summer.

Maybe next week YOU will play along.

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