Sunday, August 11, 2013

Know what I love about Race Day?

When I can’t attend the race, the NASCAR app is the next best thing. Know why?

Cause I can follow my driver like this…..

In this case, my driver happens to be the leader, so the two bubbles are on top of each other. :-)

Or…I could ride along with Kyle and see what he sees out his windshield…

I can watch the race live on TV, and then ride along with The KBShow on my phone. It’s awesome! Love this app.

…and then Kyle wins at The Glen!!!

So proud of him. Ambrose dominated most of the race, but Kyle showed us just how great he really is. People can complain and talk bad about him all they want, but he is a great racecar driver. And that is why I love him. Well, that and he’s a fun/funny guy outside of the track. And his wife is amazing!

Bummed for a bunch of other drivers. Ambrose. I hated seeing him wreck. Gordon. Another one that didn’t deserve to be taken out. Kahne. The list goes on. Road courses are tough. And the drivers know it could end badly. And sometimes it does.

Congrats to Kyle. Love seeing the KBShow in action.

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