Friday, August 9, 2013

Being single

Life is funny sometimes. It comes in waves of good and bad, and it’s truly all about how you handle it. I’ve learned that. The hard way.

  • Sitting in a restaurant alone, is not near as much fun as sitting with someone and being able to talk. When you’re alone and talk, people look at you funny.
  • Grocery shopping is so boring. Nobody to throw loaves of bread half way down the isle like a football, or someone to race shopping carts with in the parking lot.
  • The beach is overrated.
  • Dark corners of the world where you can watch airplanes take off and land, are not overrated.
  • Doing things on Val time, is okay because they still get done.
  • Bad Trash TV is easier to watch when someone isn’t sitting next to me saying, “I want to watch House”.
  • Getting my nails done is far less exciting when I don’t have a back to scratch them down.
  • Sitting in a Jacuzzi tub alone is very relaxing. And they’re bigger with one person.
  • Dogs can provide you with unconditional love. And it actually makes me feel better sometimes.
  • Moving into my own place is scaring me a little, but I’m ready for all the new challenges that will bring.
  • I miss Date Night.

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