Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Does being positive really make a difference to how your day turns out?

Negativity – Webster describes negativity as lacking positive qualities; especially disagreeable. marked by features of hostility, withdrawal, or pessimism that hinder or oppose constructive treatment or development

Negativity has been the root of my evils for years. I have always seen the glass as 1/2 empty, and more times than not, not willing to adjust that way of thinking. It’s a part of me that is a weakness, but it’s part of me nonetheless. For six years, Jeffy tried to get me to be more positive. Tried and tried till he was red in the face. I just wouldn’t budge. Almost like it wasn’t important enough to me.

A few nights ago, New Guy came over to keep me company. I get kind of lonely when I’m housesitting. Anyway, with him, he brought a lottery ticket. I have always scoffed at lottery tickets, and didn’t make an exception this time.

He seemed a little annoyed irritated concerned that my negativity was too much. He explained that a negative attitude was not acceptable. It would cloud my outlook on life. And was just generally toxic for me. And that I needed to change my way of thinking ASAP.

I immediately went on the defense, asking what difference my outlook about a lottery ticket would make on the outcome of it. I mean, just because I keep saying “I’m gonna be a winner on this scratch off” as I’m scratching, doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen. Those tickets are preprinted and have no way of changing into winning tickets once they’re in the hand of the purchaser. He continued to explain, now more in general detail than lottery ticket talk, and my defensive walls started to come down. He wasn’t attacking me, just giving me some sound advice.

So I ask you this, Readers.

Do you have a better day when your outlook is positive instead of negative? Do things in life “work out better” for someone with a positive attitude?


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  1. Not sure if it is even just positive or negative attitudes.

    I think there are neutral attitudes as well.

    Being around a negative person is hard. My wife is kind of negative about alot of things. I have to watch what I say. It becomes a downer to me because I hate walking on eggshells.

    So I try to avoid negative people.

    On the flip side super peppy people can get on your nerves as well.

    On lottery tickets, It is a given the odds are low you will win anything not to even entertain winning the biggie. I am against the lottery in general but it is here and it is legal. I dont buy lottery tickets but when others buy them I am ambivalent. I dont care one way or the other and if they win I am happy for them.

    I think you miss out if you express your negativity to often.