Monday, June 24, 2013

Moving forward…

Sooooooo, remember that box I stepped outside? I climbed back into it. I just wasn’t comfortable. I think secretly, it was his choice in football teams that ultimately made me walk away.  Ha. I kid.  But seriously, I just didn’t feel it. And you should always feel it. ;-)

So back into the pond I went. And this time, I knew to stay inside my box. It’s just more comfortable. Comfort is important to me. Third time is supposed to be the charm, right?

Enter New Guy. We hung out for several hours Friday evening. It was fun. Relaxing. Comfortable. He’s a car guy (yaaaaayy!!), but doesn’t appear to be into NASCAR (I’ll try to change that). His son plays hockey, so he’s real into that. Perhaps I can learn to like hockey after all. I think if it’s not being shoved down my throat by a bunch of people I don’t like, then it might not be so bad. I’m going in with an open mind, so we’ll see.

He’s a carpenter by trade, and works for the studios building sets and such. Nothing like having a Handyman around, right?  ;-)

He went to one of the rival high schools around here, so there are a few people that we have in common. Nobody has anything negative to say, so I’m comfortable jumping in head first.

And he told me he isn’t afraid to climb walls.  ;-)

Can’t wait to see where this goes…

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