Thursday, November 29, 2012


K Mo, my other bff @ work, but female (Yep. Believe it. I'm friends with a girl. Shhhh.), wanted to go out to dinner for my birthday. There were six of us.

K Mo and her boyfriend didn't know anyone else but me, so we decided to play 101 questions. You know, each ask a question, everyone takes turns answering. A bit of a dangerous game, if you ask me. 

Not real sure who asked it, but the question was "if you could kill anyone, who would it be?". Each person had an answer. Some plausible. Some....not.

It gets to JK, and he says "your father", in response to something Sis said. 

Whoa!  Not even *I* have said those words. And if there's anyone that should say it, it would be me. :-(

I was so shocked, I didn't know how to react. I continued in with the conversation to avoid any topic issues, but continued to be bothered by it. Being three beers in, I know for certain I would cause a fight. Not interested. 

Honestly, I was hurt. I felt like saying "how dare you". I totally understood his thought and meaning behind it, but still, how dare he. 

I'm still, five days later, irritated about it. I know I need to say something. It's the only thing to do. I know, I know. 

An apology isn't what I want, but asking him to not feel that way, isn't my intention either. 

Sometimes, adult conversations aren't fun. :(

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