Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!!

Look what I finally got! Woo hoo. Who would have ever thought I'd have a chance to go out of the country? Certainly not me. 
New printer!
 Got a new printer at work this week. Yay for new electronics! I'm just a crazy printing fool, now. :-)
 This little guy rocks my world. He follows me around, and chats with me about how his days are. He's a little needy, but I don't mind. He's my kind of fun.
Happy Halloween!
 Here's the color for Halloween! I originally thought about having spiderwebs painted over the orange, instead of the black stripe on the top, but I didn't have the kind of time it would have taken, so I opted for this. Still cool, right?
It's the weekend, and I plan on spending it sleeping, playing with my Jeffy, getting some MUCH needed car repairs done, and eating. 
I. Can't. Wait.
What are YOU doing this weekend? Anything fun? 

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