Saturday, September 22, 2012

USS Iowa Battleship

Last weekend, while chatting with an LAPD cop friend, he mentioned there was going to be a fundraiser aboard the USS Iowa Battleship “The Big Stick”. The excitement that came across my face must have been obvious, so JK made it his goal to show me a good time.

The ship was amazing. Just look….


There was a raffle. JK won a really nice humidor with a bunch of cigars inside. He doesn’t smoke cigars (or anything else, for that matter), so it made a really nice gift to his neighbor.

I won a jacket. And here it is…

We didn’t get to walk through the ship, so I decided to keep drinking. Five of these bad boys, and my evening was just getting started. They gave us tickets to come back during regular hours, so we have already made plans for next weekend. Can’t wait!

Photo Sep 21, 9 40 34 PM

View from the ship.



Great date night. Thank you, JK.

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  1. Battleships are fun. We have one here. I havent been on it in a while tho.