Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Live & Learn

As I get older and my relationships with people change, I learn more and more. I don't just go through life taking for granted everything that happens and never learning from mistakes or wrong decisions I've made. It's not how I was raised, and it's not how I've lived my life thus far.

The very first time I met JK, he got me into trouble at work. It was minor, and I laugh about it today, but it was trouble nonetheless. Perhaps it was his way of saying "notice me". Who knows. Whatever it was, I remember thinking to myself, "Why has this person been put into my life?" After six very long and exhausting years, I was finally able to answer that question.

The very first time I met Squid, I laughed. My then stepdaughters and I continually made fun of his nickname and couldn't believe this was the guy Sis was dating. I even remember saying to one of my stepdaughters, "I hope he's not around long." It's been seven years, and every day I'm reminded about how grateful I am to have him still in my life today. 

The very first time I met bff@work, he came into my office being loud and obnoxious, demanding something I couldn't provide to him. I was annoyed and remember thinking, "What did I do NOW?" Four years later, I have that answer too.

My point is, it may not be right away, but eventually there does come a time when things just become obvious. And I like that. It's so much easier to understand something when the answers are right in front of me. Sometimes, and only sometimes, I'm just not smart enough to figure it out on my own.


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  1. Some folks grow on you, Some just get tiring to be around. Sometimes its the same person. Sometimes you get tired of your own self.