Friday, November 25, 2011

Today was sooooo much easier to deal with. It’s amazing what the presence of an eleven year old can do. :-)

Since I have an abundance of movies to choose from, I was very thankful he chose one I absolutely love. Stand By Me. A true classic. Nothing would have been worse than him choosing season two of Family Guy.

When he asked if he could play with the Xbox, I immediately turned into Captain Panic. Normally, I know how all the electronic equipment works, but this, this was new to me, and I couldn’t even fake my way through it. He searched through fifty or so games before he finally found one he knew something about. I think he could secretly tell I didn’t know anything about it, and this was a rare opportunity to know something Mom doesn’t. He took full advantage of it, as he explained to me how exactly to play Lego Star Wars. I am now, a master of waving around that cool colorful wand light saber.

When he gets overly excited about something, his mind moves so much faster than his mouth. This causes him to stutter. It used to bother him A LOT, but as he’s gotten older, he’s learned to bring himself out of it. With a few deep breaths mid sentence, he’s back to being excited. I love him. He’s perfect for me. He challenges me in ways that a boyfriend cannot. I’m overly cautious about things I do or say around him, because he deserves to see the best me that I can be. At all times. No exceptions. He doesn’t disappoint me at every turn. I wish certain people in my life could see it.

Tomorrow is my birthday. And the best birthday yet. For the first time in SIX years, I get to spend it with RJ. He says we can go out to dinner, some place nice. Yippee. So glad he made that decision for me. I hate deciding. And I hope he’s paying. ;-) I’d like to spend the afternoon down at my favorite pier, but I’m not great with directions, and I know for certain we’d end up lost. I’ve never been the one driving when I’ve gone in past years, so I’m most definitely going to make a wrong turn and end up in a part of town I can’t get out of. I’m not a fan of that, so we’ll be staying close to home. I guess.

I hope everyone survived Black Friday. I heard a few stories, but nothing like in past years. Do you have any Black Friday horror stories, good or bad?

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