Sunday, October 23, 2011

Funday Sunday

Whoa, Kyle Busch. What happened? I was away from my house today, so I was unable to watch the race. However, I did look at the standings and see that a 33rd place finish has brought Kyle down two points in the standings to 6th. OUCH!

Talladega is the kind of place, now, that requires the help of another car in order to be successful. Kyle doesn’t want to have to rely on anyone else out on the track. And most people feel they don’t particularly want to help Kyle. Rivalry is in this sport for a reason. He’s a One-Man-Show kind of guy, and this partner drafting crap isn’t pleasant to a guy who’s teammates can’t keep up. Plus, cars that don’t know how to drive with this kind of two-car drafting, ruin it for several of the others. Several cars were unnecessarily taken out of the race (Kyle included) because of lack of drafting skill. Listen up, drivers. This is your job. Figure out how to do it well. And if you can’t, find another career. Racing in NASCAR isn’t for everyone.

While out shopping today, I found these…

The perfect cute little hand towels to hang in the bathroom of Sis and Squid’s new apartment. Finally! A place of their own.

Every single time I go shopping, I lose my car in the parking lot. Unless I’m parked in the first spot in the row closest to the store, I have trouble. I’ll walk down isle after isle before finding it. I’ve actually seen people laugh at me. But it’s okay. Maybe I’ll be the subject of their blog for that day. :-)  To insure I didn’t lose my car today, we parked waaaaaay at the back. And the fastest way I knew to get back to my car, was …

Then…to make the day even better, RM#1 says she’s going away for the night. Awesome. I’m home alone. The only thing that would make it end perfectly, would be an ice cold iced tea. And a Big Mac. Yeah, a Big Mac. Mmm.

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