Sunday, October 9, 2011

A bit of Random

A beautiful sunny day.

teaI have tea cooking out on the back porch, the house to myself because RM#1 went skydiving for her brother’s birthday, dogs are relaxing in the sun and not barking, and NASCAR on the TV. Life.Is.Great.



laptop cover

How hilarious is this laptop cover? I’d like to say that I want it, but I think I’d rather have the actual boobs than the cover. Ha. One day.






doreen & jay

My best friend from elementary school got married last weekend. Thinking back on a conversation we once had about our wedding days and what it would be like to grow up, I have to say that NEITHER of us would have imagined our lives would have turned out the way they did. Congrats to her. I ♥ you, D.


strawberry cutter


I am a strawberry whore. I admit it. It’s okay.






alphabet gameI remember going on long road trips as a kid and playing the Alphabet License Plate game. It would take us HOURS to finish it, Perhaps it would have been easier if I had passed this sign…





Mattie on couch

An entire couch to lay on, and Mattie has to lay on the neatly washed and folded blanket. Life with dogs.




lego wall

I want a Lego wall. I promise it would get good use.








wiiikedWas BITCH taken?





Happy Funday Sunday, y’all.

And, “Goooooo Kyle Busch!

1 comment:

  1. I lve the QXYZ sign. We play that all the time when we travel.

    I would love to have a Lego wall too.

    People love to put their personality on their plates. I'll avoid her.