Monday, September 19, 2011

Halloween already?

Halloween is next month. This is my least favorite day of the entire year. I’ve written about it in past years here, and here. I think it’s just plain stupid.

But….right now, I have a sudden urge to decorate my house for Halloween. I want to hang orange lights outside. I want to put tombstones in my front yard and write funny things on them about people only me and my family/friends will understand. I want to carve pumpkins. I want to line my walkway with cool little lights. I want to put a scary headless skeleton man on the bench by my front door. I want to go to the pumpkin patch and pick out pumpkins. I want to spread fake webbing all over the front of my doorway.

I want to decorate my mantle with lots of Halloweeny things.

I want to paint a few pumpkins like this.

I want to hang skeletons from my roof.

And I want to paint my nails in crazy Halloween designs.


I don’t know what has caused this sudden interest in Halloween, but I’m sure it’ll pass long before the actual day arrives. And if it doesn’t, RM#1 is going to be sorry she allowed me to decorate. :-)

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