Monday, July 4, 2011

Knowing when to walk away


RM#1 and her boyfriend broke up in December. Christmas Day, to be exact. He moved out in early February, but has been trying to win her back ever since.

They have gone out a handful of times since their breakup. Most times the night ends early after an argument, but sometimes they have a pleasant time. He has been led to believe that if he continues to “improve” (her words, not mine), they would get back together. If only things were that simple.

A few weeks ago, he called her dad to get his permission to ask for her hand. Aww. I actually felt a bit of happiness for them when I heard that. Unfortunately, her dad didn’t think it was a good idea. I honestly can’t say I disagree.

Saturday night, they went out for what he says is their “final” date. He needed closure. Whatever. They drove for two hours, had dinner, went for a 45 minute romantic boat ride, she saw a message floating in a bottle with the proposal written inside, and she turned him down.

To say the 45 minute boat ride back, and the two hour car ride home was pleasant, would be a lie. Not one word was spoken the entire time. Not one.

Today, he’s here trying to “talk her into it”.

Oh how I wish some people knew when to walk away. Oh how I wish I had some other place to be that didn’t involve heavy marriage/relationship talk.

Happy 4th!


  1. Marriage can be a big enuff challenge without it being based on being talked into it.

    Why do folks propose in awkward places when the answer is not for sure?

  2. Is this guy truly dense, or is RM #1 scared of being alone and leading him on a bit? I can see merit (and sadness) in both.

  3. RM#1 led him on by giving him false hope. I blame her for that. But, he hasn't done anything to show he isn't doing the same stuff that caused their breakup. Sad for both. :-(