Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend recap. Blah.

RM#1 has been out of town all weekend. I’ve had the house to myself to do what I want with. THIS is not how I had hoped it would go.

I was awaken Saturday morning at 5:30am by a violent urge to throw up. WTF? For the next 2.5hrs, I laid on my bathroom floor because it was too painful to keep getting up. I forced water down, but my body said no way. we don’t want anything and threw it up. I took Pepto and again my body laughed. I had to cancel my visitation with RJ because it would have been impossible to drive up there. The X said RJ was disappointed, but it wasn’t something I really had any control over. Clearly my body is trying to tell me something, and I really need to listen. Sorry RJ.

For 24 hours straight, I’ve felt like I just want to die. Two different people offered to come over and just sit with me so I wasn’t alone, but I refused. I tried to watch a few movies, but staying concentrated proved very difficult.

Today, I haven’t thrown up yet. (I guess the 80 times yesterday was enough.) My stomach muscles ache. My chest muscles feel like they’re on fire and it’s painful to take deep breaths. I wish I could sleep it off, but with the twitching of my muscles, and the tingling going on inside my body, sleep seems more like an imaginary thing than reality.

Oh how I wish I would feel better by tomorrow. I really dislike having to go to work sick. It’s never pleasant.

Happy Sunday readers!

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  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad.

    Hope you feel better very soon.