Friday, December 31, 2010

A look back on Twenty Ten

I am always looking backwards trying to figure out where I’ve been, and right now is no different. Here’s a look at 2010. 

January - I spent the first nine days of 2010 looking forward to JK coming home from New York. I had a constant countdown going and arrived 30 minutes early to pick him up from his flight. 17 days apart proved to be too long for us. We vowed to not do that again.

February - I spent 15 minutes of absolute bliss with RJ as some friends unloaded furniture I was giving to The X. I received my 2nd gnome, Gustav.

March - I was on a bad luck streak of locking my keys in my car. I received my most favorite gadget, the iTouch. It and I have been inseparable since.

April - I saw an old BFF from high school, yet regrettably, didn’t get a phone number to stay in touch. I helped pick out flags for the front of our ranch. I listened to the Eat Pray Love audiobook and it changed certain paths of my life.

May - I anticipated camping season, yet didn’t take advantage of it. JK and I broke up.

June - I continued to mend a broken heart. I ran into a former high school classmate who made me very grateful I wasn’t still suffering through those four years of hell.

July - Depression brought me down to 97lbs. RJ turned ten years old.

August - JK and I got back together. One of my BFF’s had her first baby. Kyle Busch swept Bristol. I had an experience at Lowe’s that made me ban their store from my shopping list.

September - I finally got rid of someone I dislike. College football took on a whole new meaning in my life.

October - NASCAR in Fontana with JK. I learned of my parents’ separation. Halloween.

November - Housesitting came to an end. I turned 32 while on a surprise vacation planned by JK. I celebrated Thanksgiving with one of my favorite families. Jimmie Johnson won five NASCAR titles in a row.

December - Someone lied to RJ about me. I miss watching NASCAR.

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