Saturday, November 20, 2010

A change will do me good

Every other weekend, JK flies to New York. He leaves very early on Friday and returns very late on Saturday. Sunday, he prefers to spend sleeping or catching up on things he didn’t get done at the lab during the week. The 44 hours he’s away, I spend reflecting on how much I truly enjoy our time together.

I turned on the NASCAR race last Saturday afternoon just in time to watch Brad Keselowski blow a right front tire and hit the wall. Neither JK or I like Keselowski, so any bad luck he has, we’re usually pleased with. Just as I saw it happen, I immediately knew that wherever JK was right then, if he knew about the hit, he’d smile. Knowing I can’t share that moment with just anyone, makes me radiate happiness. I sent him a text message that said thank you for being you. ily. I knew at that very moment, no matter where he was, he read that text and grinned, leaving others around him to wonder.

After a full four years, we are going to spend our first Thanksgiving together. In years past, he’s spent it with his family and I would spend it with family friends. This year will be different. This year, I will be part of the family I’ve come to love, respect, and look up to.

Maybe this will be the year that changes my view of the holidays. *fingers crossed*



  1. Hey there, Congrats on 4 yrs. I hope this will be THE most memorble Thankgiving for you and your Beau.

    Y'all enjoy NASCAR? Last race today. I'm pulling for the 48.

  2. Oh my!! You are a Kyle Fan.
    Your Dislike list works for me but you like list is a bit shaky. LOL Kyle is a great driver but I am a Jeff Gordon Fan so I tend to pull for Hendicks cars.

    I have been in Joes Gibbs Racing shop. They are about 1/2 mile from my office. It is an amazing place.

  3. I'm actually finding myself cheering for Denny just so that Jimmie DOESN'T win. LOL. I don't even care who wins the race. Kyle could win and sweep the weekend, that'd be fine, as long as JJ doesn't win the pts., I'm fine. :-)