Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Ducks are on fire

I honestly don’t know what to say. With a shutout of 69-0 over Portland State, I think it’s safe to just let Andy Hutchins tell it like it is.


It's hard to pick just one statistic from Oregon's insane evisceration of Portland State. Do I choose the 528 rushing yards on 63 carries? The goose egg Oregon's defense handed the Vikings, who went 0-for-18 on third down? The alacrity of the Ducks' attack, which scored on 11 drives, none longer than 2:07?

It's just as hard to pick just one stat from Oregon's incredible year. Do I cite the point differential, which stands at 189-13? The fact that Oregon's yet to concede a point to a non-BCS conference school? The three running backs (LaMichael James, Remene Alston, and Kenjon Barner) with over 200 yards on the season? The idea that Oregon scores more than three times the number of points per quarter (15.75) than its defense allows per game (4.33)? I can look at this from any of many angles and still come up with a mind-blowing stat. I can only hope that continues at Arizona State next week.


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