Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ramble, ramble and more ramble.

Today, I woke up to the sound of the bird, talking ever so quietly to herself. She’s an interesting creature. I switched on the race, and wasn’t surprised to see Jimmie Johnson take the lead only seconds later. “Goooo Kyle!” I tossed and turned as I tried to get the perfect position to where my drooling wasn’t going to bother me, as I stared ever so intently at the TV, watching Kyle take back that first place position. I laid there thinking about all the things I needed to do. A few things need to wait until payday, or the next, but they’ll get done, eventually. Some things can be done today, but it required me getting my butt up, making myself presentable, and driving away. All of which, I did not want to do.

Just a few short minutes later, Jimmie took the lead back from Kyle. This was my cue to get up, because I was just going to get irritated if I continued to watch Jimmie dominate. I heard RM#1 roaming the house, so I got up to say hello. I sat down, checked email, fb, and unread blogs and decided it was time to get moving. I was beginning to feel the desire Jimmie was having to win the race, come through the TV, so I got up and got in the shower to wash his cooties off. Ha. Yeah, I said it. I said cooties. Ha.

Out the house I go, yet unclear of where exactly I needed to be going. I was hungry, yet questioned my desire to spend my last few dollars on a bunch of fast food that I could make leftover with. As I usually do, I listened to the wrong little angel on my shoulder, and my car drove straight to Panda Express. I sat down to eat it, and about 5 bites in, I was full and ready to leave. Instant leftovers.

I decided that the other things I needed to do, just didn’t fit into my bank account importantly enough to do today, so I grabbed my leftovers and headed home. While getting in my car, I saw the bright yellow NASCAR jacket that I needed to have dry cleaned. “Oh! I’ll stop and drop it off. That’s free.” Okay, so, apparently, there’s an unwritten rule somewhere that I didn’t know about, that has to do with all dry cleaners being closed on Sunday’s. Um. I just wish I had overheard this rule in a conversation once, or read it on a “weird facts” website or something, cause I felt soooo stupid when I walked up to the door.

Setup: The door was propped open. There was a woman standing behind the counter and another woman standing in the doorway. They were chatting. I got out of my car, walked up to the door and stood there as they both stopped talking and just stared at me. I glanced at the window to see their business hours for Sunday, but there weren’t any. Hmm. Here’s how the conversation went:  (WBC = woman behind counter)

WBC: Come on in

ME: I thought maybe now wasn’t a good time to come in because you guys stopped talking and just stared at me like I was interrupting something.

WBC: Well, we’re closed.

ME: {with a big grin, but a kind of snoot in my ‘tude} Oh, then I’ll come back when you’re open. I wasn’t aware you were closed since the door was open and there were people standing in the doorway chatting with you. I apologize. {I start to walk out, but she stops me}

WBC: All dry cleaners are closed on Sunday’s. You’re already here, so I’ll help you.

ME: {still holding my big grin and small ‘tude} Oh, well, again, I apologize. I do not frequent dry cleaners, so I apologize for not being up on the “days off” of a dry cleaner. I would have assumed they’d be open on a Sunday, when everyone else is off work, but whatever. To each his own. I enjoy my days off too.

I returned home to see the end of the race. *Smile*  I even got a celebratory “Go Kyle” text from JK today. (He’s out of state, so I’m missing him.)

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