Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is It Really May Already?


May is a merry month
a flower-into-berry month,
the month to skip outdoors to play,
to tuck your winter boots away,
to honor moms and aunties too
with cards and hugs for all they do.
May is a dancing month
a ‘round-the-maypole-prancing month
the month to grab a mop and broom
and spring clean your entire room
to plant a pack of garden seeds
and pull up all those pesky weeds.
May is a hiking month
a breezy ride-your-bike-ing month.
It’s Cinco de Maya month as well
and also when we toll the bell
for those who died to keep us free-
who live in heart and memory.

Almost half way through 2010. Can you believe it? Remember when we were all worried about Y2K? Has it really been TEN years? May flower - blue

April showers bring May flowers, so cheers to a fabulous May.  :-)

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