Thursday, September 6, 2018

Our first camping trip

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to SS that I really wanted to go camping. As much as we both loved doing it, I was confused that after 4.5 years together, we hadn’t yet gone. It had been over five years since I’d gone, and at least that long since he had. With the fast approaching extended Labor Day weekend coming up, we decided that was the perfect time to get away. So, we spent the better part of two days, going from store to store, and back, getting anything and everything we would need for it. $800 later, we were ready to camp.

SS took Friday off so that he could get everything packed and all the last minute stuff done (bank, gas, ice chest, etc.). We were on the road by 1:30p.

+ We set our tent up away from our table so that any bugs that surrounded the table, didn’t find interest in our shelter. 

+ Since California just can’t seem to stay out of the fire zone, campfires were not permitted in this forest. Thankfully, a friend of mine came through with a propane heater for which we were extremely grateful. Thanks Jeff!

+ We did some hiking and found this little message on the trail…

+ SS carved our initials in a fallen tree…

…and more hiking…

+ I don’t know what he was thinking about, but maybe it was about how much he loves me. Smile with tongue out

It was three nights and four days of quiet, peaceful, alone time.
We needed it. We wanted it. We did it.

Until next time…

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