Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Everyone has a want list, and I’m no different. Here’s a few things that are on my immediate want list:

These jeans are from Zumiez. I have only one pair of ripped jeans, so definitely need this pair. They’re not real expensive, which is another reason I’m shocked I haven’t bought them yet. Right now, I’m at a very awkward weight, so trying to decide which size to buy is making me hold off for now. Maybe they’ll be out of style by the time I decide. LOL!

This wrought iron cross from Walmart NEEDS to be in my house. It’s size is not too small, and I can even personalize it to have our last name. Perfect! So why haven’t I bought it yet? I have no excuse. I just haven’t.

This little machine from Target needs to be in my kitchen. When I was visiting my Aunt in Oregon a few weeks back, I watched my cousin chop up all kinds of things in this little contraption without any issue. All the times I make guacamole, or chop up garlic, this could make it so much easier. Where has this been all my life?

These bowls from Amazon tho. About five years ago, a coworker gave me a set of ceramic mixing bowls. Unfortunately, the big one broke, leaving me with two smaller bowls. Neither of which is big enough to mix a cake or brownies. So, this set is what I need. Ceramic breaks easy. Plastic gets cracks and deteriorates after time, breaking down into the food. No thanks. Stainless steel is where it’s at. Plus, non slip bottoms? Yes, please.

So, that’s it. Those are the items at the top of my must-have list.

Do you have a list? What are some of the items on your list?

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