Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tearjerker Tuesday

Have you heard of this show? Do you watch it? If you haven’t heard of it, or have but just haven’t watched it, you need to drop everything you’re doing after the kids go to bed tonight, and watch the first episode. I promise you won’t want to stop. It will have you hooked like no show ever has. It tugs at heart strings, and hits nerves that vibrate down to the very core of who we are as human beings. There hasn’t been one single episode that I haven’t been able to relate to in some form or another. Simply put, it’s amazing!

I had seen a few friends posting about how emotional an episode was one night, and another posting about how connected they were to the characters. It peeked my interest, so I went ahead and watched the first episode one day while SS was at work. I couldn’t believe the number of times I cried during those 45 minutes. When SS got home that night, I mentioned it to him and within a few minutes, we had it on the tv. And yes, SS cried a bunch.

The crying isn’t always because it’s sad. They’ve done an amazing job with telling a story and creating a feeling that the person watching is somehow engaged with this family. As if they were their own. It’s personal. I catch myself smiling a ridiculously large grin when something great happens, while almost simultaneously crying because something bad happens to someone else. It’s a crazy mix of feelings and emotions that you’re thrown into episode after episode, but it keeps me coming back for more.

A new episode airs tonight on NBC. We can’t wait!

If you watch, which character do you relate the most to?


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