Monday, July 11, 2016

Our Big (2016) Adventure

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Chicken, chickens, and more chickens.
What is with all the chickens?

Everywhere we went, there were chickens. There were chickens on the beach, on the main roads, in people’s front yards, in and around restaurants, at hotels, at the river, and EVERYWHERE ELSE.


Helicopter ride around Kauai.
If you’re ever there, it’s worth every penny.

We took an hour long helicopter ride around the entire island. It was absolutely stunning from that height. We saw areas that were only accessible by boat, and areas that were only accessible by hiking several mile upon mile. Hiking wasn’t something we were interested in doing while we were on a relaxing vacation, but we saw several people doing it.


Swimming with fishies.
If you don’t get seasick, this is a must do activity.

We took a 2-hour boat ride around to the north side of the island, where they allowed everyone to swim with the local fishies. SS and Lil’ SS dove right in, but I was scared, so I got back on the boat. I’ll be honest, it freaked me out a great deal to be swimming around in the area that is supposed to be just for sea life. Make fun of me all you want, but we all have fears.



The wind was blowing at different rates the entire seven days. It rained a few times, but by rain, I mean it sprinkled a little bit, then blew threw. Nothing extravagent. No storms. It never kept us indoors and it never stopped us from having fun. It was an amazing vacation that I’m so grateful I got to spend with these two wonderful people. I can’t wait until our next big adventure.


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