Sunday, December 6, 2015

It’s Almost Christmas

Christmas is nineteen days away. Nineteen. Am I ready? Absolutely not. Am I looking forward to it? Nope. Is my house decorated? Not at all.

Four weeks ago, SS and I pulled all the Christmas boxes out of the garage. At the time, I had promising intentions of decorating my house with red and green and silver and gold, but then family came to visit for Thanksgiving/my birthday, and finals happened. After working all day, and going to school at night, the last thing I want to come home and do is stand for one more second. So, the boxes are still unpacked.

SS and I aren’t going to see either of the two kids until after Christmas this year, so it’s kind of kept me out of the holiday spirit. I have no desire to hang stockings, or garland, or even put up a tree. It’s sad. And that makes me even more sad.

I talked to my mom the other day, and although she doesn’t usually give me great advice anymore, she did tell me that it was my duty as a mother, to make my house feel Christmasy for the kids. Regardless if they’re there on Christmas day or not.

Here’s to hoping I get into the holiday spirit soon……


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