Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Little Girl Time

About a month ago, a childhood friend pseudo sister of mine needed a babysitter for her two little girls. It was a two week long paying gig, and since I was between quarters at school, it was perfect for me. Plus, it allowed me the opportunity to get to know my nieces a little better.

We played in the dirt/mud….

We listened and watched as Auntie Val read stories….

We watered flowers (no idea why her mouth is open – that’s how she looked at me when I called her name)…

We made angels in the sand at the park…

We made wishes on dandelions when we went for walks…

We fought through height fears and climbed trees…

And splashed in puddles…

It was two weeks of fun, fun, and more fun. I bonded with two little girls that think I’m the best Auntie Val in the whole world. And it allowed me to satisfy a very loud ticking biological clock.

I have never been a very girlie kind of girl. Growing up, I had more male friends than female friends. Throughout high school, same thing. As an adult, the pattern continued. The tomboy in me felt more comfortable doing boy things, so boy things is what I did.

Things have continued that way today, so having to entertain two GIRLS for two weeks, was a little challenging. Their world revolves around princesses.  Disney princesses to be exact. And do you know what I know about Disney princesses? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I had never seen the movie Frozen, so imagine their surprise when I didn’t know who Elsa was. I barely knew who Pocahontas was. Oh, the horror. When they told me they wanted to watch Lizzy and the fairies, I had no idea what she was talking about. If she had just said “Let’s watch Tinkerbell”, I would have said, “YES! I LOVE TINKERBELL!”

Little girls are almost like a foreign language to me. They like to dress up in princess dresses, wear their mommies high heeled shoes, bake, and put their hair in cute styles. Me, as a 36 year old adult female, do not like to do any of those things. None. It’s not fun to wear high heels. They’re strange to walk in, and I would never fit into my moms size five shoe.

I’m extremely grateful I was given the opportunity to take care of these two cuties. They live a very fun filled life, and I can’t wait to see what kind of school aged children they become.


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