Tuesday, June 30, 2015

15 Days of Happiness–Day Fifteen


Day Fifteen.

Today is the final day of our 15 Days of Happiness challenge. But fear not, we have something else planned. It’ll be an Instagram challenge, so make sure you’re following me so you can keep up.

Today, the thing that made me happy, was learning how to do this math…

Math is hard, I won’t lie. Learning how to simplify and solve equations that I’ve never seen before, is proving to be a challenge. Multiplying and dividing square roots. WHAAAAAT!?! It’s like a foreign language to me. I have to have faith that it will eventually sink in, and I’ll learn what’s important. Damn Engineers and their math. ;-)

SS’s daughter was excited playing Jeopardy! on X-Box, but unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of that. We were too involved in the game, to stop and take pictures. Maybe next time. She smiled because although she lost, she STILL BEAT ME!

That’s it! That was the end of our 15 Days of Happiness.
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