Monday, July 7, 2014


{Thinking About} The birthday party I’m attending today at lunch. Boss#1 is turning 73-years-old, so we’re all taking him to lunch. Can you imagine still being active at 73? I sure hope I am.

{Reading} I’m not a big book reader, but a blog reader I am. So, currently I’m reading about how great pregnancy is for Stephanie over at Southern Mess, how much Amber dislikes Ginger Ale at Airing My Dirty Laundry, and how Perfectly Imperfect Jenn’s baby is. So freakin’ adorable. Makes me want another one. But shhhh! Don’t tell SS. It just might scare him away.

{Listening To} My XM radio vary rarely changes from the two country channels, so currently, we’re jamming to Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore, and Thomas Rhett’s new song Small Town Throwdown.

{Watching} Since SS’s daughter is here for the summer, we’ve spent several mornings waking up to shows on Disney. We’re not huge Disney fans around here. Partially because I’ve never seen a more cheap group of people. Any time we get a call for an animal to work on a Disney show, the cheap rundown of B.S. we have to listen to, makes us roll our eyes and hang up the phone. Billion dollar industry, and they want to claim poor? Get real!

{Thankful For} The glass half full point of view I have been given. It wasn’t so long ago, that every glass seemed half empty. Thankfully, someone came along and showed me the difference.


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