Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Letters

It’s Friday. Time to write some letters…

Dear Boss#1 : I’m happy that you’ve gone away for the weekend, but I miss my house. And I miss SS. Hurry home so I can go back home. Plus, Annie misses you too. :-)

Dear Concrete Pouring Guys : When I’m in my office working, it’s hard to hear and concentrate when you’re outside making lots of noise with your big beeping truck. And loud talking.

Dear Udon : It’s been a pleasure having you stay with me this past week. You’re a great companion and an even better cuddler. Thank you for making me smile.

Dear Sis : Thanks again for dinner last night. ‘Twas soooooo good. And filling. Hit the spot. Squid is up next

Dear SS : I miss you when I’m staying at Boss#1’s house. It’s lonely there, even though I have the company of four dogs. It’s just not the same. Can’t intertwine my feet with Udon’s. He doesn’t quite understand it.

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