Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Letters:

I’ve been watching Paula do this for a while, and figured I would make it a weekly thing just like she does. Hope I can keep up. I’ve written letters to people a few times on here, so why not make it more regular. I have fun doing it.  :-)

So, let’s write some letters….

Dear Ikea : I’m annoyed that every time I try to go buy the bed frame I want, you’re sold out of it. Does everyone in Los Angeles want the same bed frame?

Dear Udon : You spent your first night at my new house, and it was sooo much fun. You’re an amazing little dog, and I can’t imagine loving another Poodle as much as I love you. And I think SS fell in love with you too. (Shhh. That was my plan. *wink*)

Dear Mom of SS : Happy St. Patrick’s Day Birthday!! I hope you like the gift I bought you.

Dear RJ : I’m disappointed in what you tried to pull at my house, but I still love you. Maybe next time you and I can talk about things instead of you trying to be sneaky. You just might find out I’m less angry and mean than you think I am.  ;-)

Dear Jeffy : Are we ever going to get together for lunch? I want Korean BBQ. Or Teriyaki Plus. Let’s make it happen.

Dear SS : I love you.

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