Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Music - Top 5 {Number Three}

One of my favorite things about Christmas, is the music. BUT….I don’t want to hear it on every channel, all the time. I like a song here, and a song there. Too much, is too much.

From now until Christmas Day, you can find my top five favorite Christmas songs of all time.

Here is number THREE…..


  1. LOL, I feel bad. Thats the song that they over play here so I get tired of it.

    1. Haha. When I read that on your blog, I laughed cause I had JUST put this one up to post. LOL

    2. I heard a version of this about 20 years ago that was sung by little boys. Was the most amazing thing I'd ever heard, and fell in love with it then. Have loved it ever since. :-)