Monday, August 26, 2013


I never thought I would fully understand the relationship between a man and a bird, but after five years of watching RM#2 interact with his birds, I think I finally get it.

Remember Leroy?

17 weeks ago, he looked like this…

16 weeks ago, he looked like this…

Last week, he looked like this…

RM#2 had Leroy out to play. That means he opens up his cage and allows him to fly free. Because he thinks RM#2 is his Dad, he never strays too far. He goes out and flies around the house and in the canyon, but always comes back to Dad. It’s awesome. He walks around the garage being as curious as can be. If I walk around with bare feet, he’ll peck at my toes because he thinks they are food. I guess the nail polish on my toes looks like berries or something. LOL

I was trying to teach him to play Tug-of-War. He would hold the string for a few seconds, but didn’t like the tug I was applying. We’ll continue to try.

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  1. Growed up quick.

    At times I wished mine did. Well maybe they did.