Sunday, July 7, 2013

Might not need a new one…

It’s car time again.

About two months ago, my car started making a knocking sound. My initial reaction was to be mad or upset, but in the past, that’s never done me any good. It’s gotten me nothing more than a bunch of people angry at me and unwilling to help. Totally not worth it.

For weeks I tried to get in touch with my mechanic (the friend of Jeffy’s that has been doing my car work for over six years), but was unsuccessful.

I’ve gone back and forth about getting a new car. Honestly, it all comes down to not being able to afford a car payment every month, plus the rise in insurance. I’ve gone through every penny, and just can’t come up with the unrealistic number they want every month. Just can’t. Not with how things are currently.

Boss#1 told me he would help. He volunteered to go down to the dealer with me and negotiate. He even went so far as to say he would cosign for me so that I could get the Zero down, Zero interest, etc., deals they were offering (because his credit is incredibly perfect). He wanted to see me in a new car, because after all, I run his office. If I don’t show up to work because I don’t have a car to get there, his business doesn’t run smoothly. And when production companies are upset because they’re talking to people in my office that don’t know what’s happening, it’s not a good thing. Plus, he knows how much I hated driving that big ugly white Rapist van. Remember that thing….

Today, I finally got in touch with my mechanic. He came over, and as soon as I turned my car on, he knew what it was. Finally. An official diagnosis.

Timing Chain House is loose. Making a knocking sound.

He says he can have it done this week.

The whole time I’ve been housesitting (total of five weeks), I’ve been driving her Big Beast of a truck around. I can’t wait to get back into my car. So much easier to swerve in and out of traffic in a little car. With this Beast, I tend to forget about the weight difference when stopping. Oops. ;-)


  1. I drive an old chevy sedan most days. It feels odd when I have to drive the company trucks.

    Good catch on the timing chain cover. Easy fix.